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Blogging is a fundamental element in tapping your creative writing, promoting your personal brand, building reputation in a particular field, and sharing your stories and that of your community to the world. Blog writing is a highly sought-after soft skill and learning the fundamentals of blog writing paves you the way to becoming a journalist, a writer or a researcher. It also opens many other doors of career opportunities. One of the SPA Center for Learning and Development goals is to inspire and empower youth and equip them with the necessary skills in the field of writing and research.

In this one-month training, participants of the course will be taken through by accomplished bloggers and researchers, the fundamentals of blog writing and personal branding. Participants of the course will learn key elements of writing blogs including how to choose a captivating topic; how to do research and reference your work properly; how to deal with sensitive topics; and how to harness your social media platforms to create traffic for your blogpost.

What are the main Objectives of the course?

  • To equip trainees the knowledge, skills and practices of blog writing;
  • To give young Somalis a safe online space to learn, share views and join in global discussions;
  • To give Somali youth resources and digital tools with which they can advocate and take action to change their communities;
  • Promoting safe and responsible use of digital tools through the concept of digital citizenship.

Who Can Apply?

This training is for those who are passionate about writing their personal reflections, experience and the plight of their community. It is for both the new and the amateur bloggers – those who started but lack motivation and guidance. The training is tailored for those who are university graduates and those who are in the last year of their undergraduate studies who are interested in research and writing and based in Mogadishu.

Female applicants are highly encouraged to apply.

Number of trainees: only 15 applicants will be selected and trained

Application Deadline: 05 June 2021


  • Minimum of an undergraduate degree, preferably in social sciences or related fields. Last year undergraduate students can also apply.
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Passion to develop research and analysis skills
  • Fluency in English and Somali languages


  • Total fee: $60
  • Payable in instalment. $30 upfront; the remaining $30 to be paid by the end of second week.
  • Selected applicants can also pay the course fee at once!


  • Four (4) Weeks.


Apply the training by filling out the Registration Form in the below attached link.

Also send your degree certificate or transcript to this email:

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