Center for Learning and Development

Center for Learning and Development

The Center for Learning and Development is a training and capacity development facility run by Somali Public Agenda (SPA). Its aim is to connect the civil servants, policy makers and non-profit sector workers with communities and provide administrations with the technical skills necessary to formulate and implement solutions for public service challenges. The Center was established in August 2020 to help public and non-profit sectors better deliver social services.

Quality public policies and services cannot be implemented without an administrative cadre that can deliver them. The SPA Center for Learning and Development offers short training courses to contribute to the building of competent administrative cadres that can deliver public policies and programmes to the community.

Based on the types of skills required, the SPA Center for Learning and Development would utilize its pool of network members, experts and fellows to help develop training modules and train public servants with the necessary skills for implementing public services.

Moreover, the center offers training to Somali professionals who have desire and passion to join the public sector as well as professionals engaged in the civil service and non-profit sectors.

Modules and syllabi for each of the professional training programmes will be developed. The thematic areas for the professional training programmes are:

Leadership & Good Governance

Human Resources Management

Information Management and Data Science

Public Policy Planning

Public Budgeting

Public Finance Management

Planning and Programmes Management

Monitoring and Evaluations

Strategic Communication and Public Relations

Bespoke Courses for Public and Civic Institutions

Public Agenda Forum