The Center for Public Policy and Service Design (CPPSD) is a research and action center at Somali Public Agenda (SPA), the first of its kind in the country. Its aim is to help public institutions design human-centered public policies and services. The Center for Public Policy and Service Design (CPPSD) was established in August 2020 to advance collaborative design practices in Somalia’s public sector.

Somali Public Agenda believes that research and analysis is not enough for Somalia’s institution building process. Working with public institutions in framing policies, programmes and projects that could enhance the quality and access to public services can go a long way towards ensuring inclusive and effective policies are adopted. Based on the findings and policy recommendations of SPA studies and analysis, the center intends to design public policies, programmes and projects with the relevant authorities. In collaboration with policy-makers, public administrators and the community, the CPPSD will design knowledge-based public services.

We believe that the Somali people deserve better public services including access to affordable education, healthcare, housing, security and justice, delivered by transparent and accountable authorities. The work of CPPSD will help public sector institutions design and deliver better public services.

Somali Public Agenda understands that co-designing public sector policies is a rare practice in Somalia and Africa at large. The Center for Public Policy and Service Design (CPPSD) will regularly engage policy-makers and civil servants and will assist them understand how co-designing public services works and its importance.

The studies and analysis that Somali Public Agenda publishes are a starting point of our policy and service design work. The Center for Public Policy and Service Design (CPPSD) engages and presents SPA publications to both policy-makers and practitioners and offers the opportunity for implementing the recommendations and co-designing a public policy, programme or project that addresses a problem. If agreed, the CPPSD will start the co-designing work.

Before government invests resources in the policies, programmes and projects designed, the Center for Public Policy and Service Design (CPPSD) envisages piloting the public service at a small-scale level to test the efficacy of the services that have been formulated.