Blog Writing Training for Somali Youth

In recent years, Somalia’s digital space has been widening. Hundreds of thousands of youth have been getting online for multiple purposes, but mostly to connect with the globe and to empower and educate themselves. This influx has partly been aided by Somalia’s cheap and high-speed internet. Therefore, the Somali Public Agenda Center for Learning and Development saw the need to acquaint these youth to better utilize the digital tools they already have to increase their employability, get connected with the rest of the world, and become a voice for their communities. This led to the idea for blog writing training.

Blog writing is a useful skill that can propel a person into many career opportunities. It allows someone to share his/her perspective on something, shed light on topics that are out of the spotlight of the media, protect their privacy, and satisfy their writing interests. These needs, along with many others, necessitated the SPA Center for Learning and Development to fill a skills gap. Read more

Training female researchers in Mogadishu

Research in Somalia is often male-dominated. Very few female researchers do participate in the design, data collection, analysis, and writing of research reports in Somalia. Most of those who participate in research conduct the data collection and do not get an opportunity for data analysis and contributing to the report writing. Somali Public Agenda felt the gender imbalance in the research field in Somalia and discussed how the organization can contribute to filling the gap.   Read more

How our Election Series is informing policymakers and citizens on Somalia elections

A year ago (July 2019), Somali Public Agenda team began its Election Series, a series of briefs and commentaries concerning elections in Somalia. The aim of the series is to inform policy makers, practitioners, and citizens and provide a balanced analysis on election-related themes.

The Election Series was self-financed; and SPA did not seek financial support from other organizations. Some of the profits generated from the translation services by SPA subsidiary company – Tayo Translations – were directed towards and financed the SPA’s work on elections. Read more