About Somali Public Agenda (SPA)

Somali Public Agenda is a non-profit public policy and administration research organization based in Mogadishu. Its aim is to advance understanding and improvement of public administration and public services in Somalia through evidence-based research and analysis.

At Somali Public Agenda, we believe that all Somalis deserve better public services including access to affordable education, healthcare, housing, security and justice delivered via transparent and accountable authorities.

Research Reports

This paper explores risks and mitigation efforts around data sharing for the humanitarian sector through a focus on the data sharing relationships involved in third-party monitoring. It provides insights into data sharing risks linked to the introduction of external, often private sector, organizations into the humanitarian ecosystem.

The role of religious actors in contemporary Somali politics report examines the different religious actors active in Somali politics and their position and role in Somali society more generally. It offers a new perspective on how the Somali government can engage with religious actors, and provides suggestions on how external actors can avoid developing wholly negative views of actors that exert crucial and often positive influence across the varied landscape of Somali political, economic and social life.

Turkey’s Role in Public Service and Infrastructural Development in Mogadishu

This study investigates the role Turkey plays in the improvement of public services and infrastructure in Somalia particularly access to health care, advancing access to education, and construction of tarmac roads and other key infrastructure in Mogadishu.

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In some ways, COP27 has some important takeaways for Somalia. The commitments made on adaptation finance and loss and damage fund will allow climate-vulnerable countries like Somalia a small safety net to be able to not only adapt to the impacts of climate change but also afford them the ability to recover when disaster strikes. However, this will only materialize if red tape around accessing climate finance is swiftly addressed.

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