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We are a non-profit that works to advance the understanding and improvement of governance and public services in Somalia.
We do research, public service design, and training on governance and service delivery.

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Somali Public Agenda contributes to the understanding and improvement of public administration in Somalia through...
Public Service Design

Public Policy & Service Design

Based on the findings and policy recommendations of our studies, we design public policies, programmes, and projects with the relevant authorities through...
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Based on the findings of our research and our co-designing work, Somali Public Agenda through its Center for Learning and Development offers short training courses to contribute...

About Us

Somali Public Agenda SPA is a non-profit public policy and administration research organization based in Mogadishu. Its aim is to advance understanding and improvement of public administration and public services in Somalia through evidence-based research and analysis. 

At Somali Public Agenda, we believe that all Somalis deserve better public services including access to affordable education, healthcare, housing, security, and justice delivered via transparent and accountable authorities.




Albert Soer Portfolio Manager Economic Recovery and Institutional Development, UNDP Somalia

“Somali Public Agenda, in collaboration with Radio Ergo, issued a quite rare report on the distribution of aid following the floods in Hiiraan. The report highlights challenges regarding coordination, accountability, transparency and inclusion concerning the distribution of aid in the flood affected areas. While the respondents and debaters were quite limited in number, the findings have a kind of ‘truth value’ that merits attention.”

Abdirisak Omar Member of Somali Federal Parliament and Former Minister of Internal Security of the Federal Government of Somalia

“I have read your critical analysis of the electoral bill. I am a member of a 15-member parliamentary select committee tasked to review the bill. Your analysis very objectively addressed some of the ambiguities of the bill, and I agree with the conclusions drawn from the analysis. When we start deliberations on the bill, we will contact you to get your insights and input to improve the bill with the intention of holding fair and free election that contributes to democracy and good governance.”

Simon Mulongo Deputy Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia – AMISOM

“Development doesn’t come by accident. It’s based on research, deeper understanding of the issues/challenges and well thought-through solutions that is acceptable and workable to all stakeholders. Your research institution comes in handy in terms of helping members of the public, civil societies and the government to find solutions to key governance challenges in Somalia.”

Isatou Batonon Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF Somalia

“The article [on local governance] is very interesting and makes a strong case for investment in Somalia local governments. I read the recommendations with particular interest, especially the potential of local governments to attract young graduates and thereby contribute to addressing the problem of youth unemployment.”

Abdi Hosh Lawyer and the Minister of Constitutional Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia

“I fully agree with you on all counts of your brilliant analysis [on the constitutional review process]. I will take your input and place it within policy deliberations platforms.”

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