Safety and Security in Mogadishu

This safety and security study on Mogadishu examines the everyday issues of insecurity that different residents experience and react to in two districts of Mogadishu – Hodan and Kahda.

Data sharing and third-party monitoring in humanitarian response

This paper explores risks and mitigation efforts around data sharing for the humanitarian sector through a focus on the data sharing relationships involved in third-party monitoring. It
provides insights into data sharing risks linked to the introduction of external, often private sector, organizations into the humanitarian ecosystem.

The Role of Religious Actors in Contemporary Somali Politics: Key Dynamics and Opportunities for Engagement

The role of religious actors in contemporary Somali politics report examines the different religious actors active in Somali politics and their position and role in Somali society more generally. It offers a new perspective on how the Somali government can engage with religious actors, and provides suggestions on how external actors can avoid developing wholly negative views of actors that exert crucial and often positive influence across the varied landscape of Somali political, economic and social life.

Galmudug Reconciliation: Processes, Challenges, and Opportunities Ahead

Galmudug Reconciliation: Processes, Challenges, and Opportunities Ahead

he roads to reconciliation and state formation in Galmudug have been difficult. The federal government – through the Ministry of Interior, Fed- eral Affairs, and Reconciliation – took the lead in establishing a new state for Galmudug in early 2019. It started with a 12-member social reconciliation committee that…