From Agreement to Implementation: The Operationalization of Somalia’s Indirect Election Agreement

On May 27, members of the National Consultative Council (NCC) signed an election agreement in Mogadishu. The agreement, which consists of eight points and a roadmap for the post-election government, addresses the core outstanding issues of the indirect elections. The Prime Minister took the lead of the electoral process after the House of the People rescinded early last month a two- year extension it announced on 12 April and the President handed over the election management and security to him. The agreement includes a way forward for the election implementation teams, the election of Somaliland seats, the management of elections in Gedo, election security, women’s quota, and an election timeline. This brief examines the agreed framework and its limitations. It also analyses the implementation challenges of the agreed indirect election such as budget, security, the composition of electoral delegates, and logistical challenges. It also puts forward a number of recommendations that, if implemented, could enhance the transparency and outcome of Somalia’s approaching indirect elections.

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