Addressing contentious issues on elections in the constitutional review process

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This policy paper aims to contribute to a better informed, inclusive and realistic discussion of Somalia’s future elections. In providing an analysis of the provisional federal constitution’s revised Chapter 4, it offers insights that parliamentarians and other stakeholders can make use of in debates concerning the constitutional review process and the core components of the NCC election agreement. The paper explores possible options regarding the system of government, the electoral model, political parties and the election management body (EMB). Beyond this, it analyses the technical aspects and challenges of implementing the proposed electoral roadmap once it is agreed upon and voted for in parliament.

The paper is based on the revised version of Chapter 4 submitted by the OC and ICRIC to parliament on 12 February 20224. In addition, Somali Public Agenda (SPA) conducted a number of interviews with politicians and intellectuals in order to reflect their views on the proposed election arrangements.

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