Review of the Federal Government of Somalia’s Near Billion-dollar Budget for 2023

This brief analyzes the 2023 federal budget and its main allocations for the administration, security, social services, and economic development sectors. Finally, the brief outlines key recommendations including increasing accountability, building public trust, improving social services, encouraging domestic production and international trade, and expediting the debt relief process.

The Rise of Youth Gangs (Ciyaal Weero) in Mogadishu

This governance brief examines the factors that contributed to the rise of Ciyaal Weero, their impact on security and mobility in Mogadishu, and puts forward some policy considerations including control of the import of drugs, development of a government strategy to tackle the youth gangs, and the creation of job opportunities.

Greed or Grievances: The Gedo Conundrum

This brief examines how Gedo became a key battleground for the center- periphery rift in Somalia’s federal politics. It investigates FGS control of Gedo, the complications and challenges surrounding the holding of elections in Gedo, and the triggers of the Gedo dispute: including unaddressed grievances, a lack of state-level security presence, and greed-induced motivations. The brief also puts forward several policy considerations.

Lessons from Somalia’s 2021 Upper House Elections

Lessons from Somalia’s 2021 Upper House Elections

After about three and half months, the election of the Upper House’s 54 members has been completed. However, the electoral process has not been undertaken without flaws. It empowered the presidents of Federal Member States (FMS) to submit a list of candidates for each…