Review of the Federal Government of Somalia’s First Billion-dollar Budget for 2024

Governance Briefs

The federal government of Somalia’s budget for 2024 was approved by the parliament in a joint session on December 9, 2023. The 2024 budget totals $1, 079,315,784, a 4 percent increase from last year’s $977 million budget. Even though the theme of this year’s budget remains ‘Relying on Our Domestic Revenue’, 66.7 percent of the appropriated budget ($694.6 million) is expected from donors while domestic revenue is $346.2 million, or 33.3 percent. In the expenditure plan, the budget allocates 20 percent to social service delivery; 24.5 percent goes to defense and security sector institutions; and 22.3 percent is allocated to economic development institutions. This brief analyzes the 2024 federal budget and its main allocations for the administration, security, social services, and economic development sectors. Finally, the brief outlines key recommendations including continuing accountability strengthening measures to reduce corruption and the perception of corruption. The brief also recommends improving social services including health and human capital through quality education and an increased budget for health services. Finally, it calls for increasing domestic revenue and decreasing the reliance on donor support.

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