BBC Focus on Africa: Somalia’s parliament prepares to choose next president

BBC Focus on Africa: Somalia’s parliament prepares to choose next president

Our director Mahad Wasuge spoke with BBC Focus on Africa on Somalia’s upcoming presidential elections…

Falanqeyn Doorashada Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya

Falanqeyn Doorashada Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya

Barnaamijka wicitaanka dhageystaha ee VOA Somali waxaa toddobaadkan marti ku ahaa agaasimaha Somali Public Agenda Mahad Waasuge. Waxaa lagu faaqiday…

Greed or Grievances: The Gedo Conundrum

This brief examines how Gedo became a key battleground for the center- periphery rift in Somalia’s federal politics. It investigates FGS control of Gedo, the complications and challenges surrounding the holding of elections in Gedo, and the triggers of the Gedo dispute: including unaddressed grievances, a lack of state-level security presence, and greed-induced motivations. The brief also puts forward several policy considerations.

Doorashada 16-ka Kursi ee Golaha Shacabka ee Gobolka Gedo

Doorashada 16-ka Kursi ee Golaha Shacabka ee Gobolka Gedo

14-kii April waxaa la dhaariyey inta badan xubnihii la doortay ee labada aqal ee baarlamaanka federaalka Soomaaliya. Isla maalintaas, Guddiga Hirgelinta Doorashooyinka Heer Federaal ayaa soo saaray warqad uu doorashada 16-ka kursi ee horey loogu heshiiyay…

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