COP27 outcomes and their implications for Somalia

In some ways, COP27 has some important takeaways for Somalia. The commitments made on adaptation finance and loss and damage fund will allow climate-vulnerable countries like Somalia a small safety net to be able to not only adapt to the impacts of climate change but also afford them the ability to recover when disaster strikes. However, this will only materialize if red tape around accessing climate finance is swiftly addressed.

Decentralized but contested: Examining the federal government’s decentralization of educational services in Mogadishu to the Benadir Regional Administration

The education decentralization to Benadir Regional Administration has achieved some success. Nonetheless, the implementation of the MoU has not gone smoothly. It has been beset by problems mainly stemming from public school expenditure and administration. The dispute continues unresolved though parties have made unsuccessful efforts to bring it to an end.

Xulashooyinka awood qeybsi ee nidaamka federaalka Soomaaliya 

Podcast-gan waxa aan ku falanqeyneynaa nuxurka warbixinta iyo nooca awood qeybsi ee ku habboon Soomaaliya. Waxaa marti ku ah Maamul Wanaag Podcast Axmed Cabaas (Gacma-gaab) oo ah la taliyaha arrimaha federaalka ee madaxweyne Xasan Sheekh iyo Abukaate Cumar Maxamed Cabdulle (Dhagey) oo la taliye sare arrimaha talinta sharciga (rule of law) ee xafiiska Raysal Wasaaraha.

Policy options for agreeing a model for fiscal federalism

The Somali Dialogue Platform and Kulan Consulting recently published a policy paper outlining options for fiscal arrangements within Somalia’s federal model. In this episode, Hodan Osman, a co-author of the policy paper, and Mahad Wasuge discuss the options for agreeing on a fiscal arrangement and the political processes necessary to address this contentious issue.

The Rise of Youth Gangs (Ciyaal Weero) in Mogadishu

This governance brief examines the factors that contributed to the rise of Ciyaal Weero, their impact on security and mobility in Mogadishu, and puts forward some policy considerations including control of the import of drugs, development of a government strategy to tackle the youth gangs, and the creation of job opportunities.