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After the disagreements over the delayed elections were settled, Somalia is to hold indirect parliamentary and presidential elections. The first phase of elections, Upper House elections, is scheduled to take place in late July 2021 while the House of the People and presidential elections will follow respectively. Consequently, to watch, observe and report on the […]

From Agreement to Implementation: The Operationalization of Somalia’s Indirect Election Agreement

This brief examines the agreed framework and its limitations. It also analyses the implementation challenges of the agreed indirect election such as budget, security, the composition of electoral delegates, and logistical challenges. It also puts forward a number of recommendations that, if implemented, could enhance the transparency and outcome of Somalia’s approaching indirect elections.

Who owns data in Somalia? Ending the country’s privatised knowledge economy

This brief raises important questions about the production and ownership of aid- related knowledge in the Somali territories where, due to weak state institutions, data collection is unregulated, and often de facto privatised. Moreover, the insufficient uptake of aid information by aid agencies, the governments and the public gives pause for thought.

Doorashada Soomaaliya: Ka laabashada muddo kordhinta, kaalinta raysal wasaaraha, iyo shirka la filayo in uu qabsoomo (SPA Governance Podcast)

Podcast-gan, Cabdiraxmaan Caynte iyo Maxamed Keynaan oo marti ku ahaa SPA Governance Podcast ayaa Mahad Waasuge la falanqeynaya wajiga cusub ee doorashada Soomaaliya, kaalinta raysal wasaaraha, natiijada la filayo in ay kasoo baxdo shirka la filayo in uu bilowdo 20-ka May, casharrada laga baran karo doorashadii 2016 iyo arrimo kale oo la xiriira doorashada.