Unlocking My Potential: Three Months of Growth with SPA

Earlier this year, exactly the period between January and March, I had the chance to participate in SPA’s three-month internship program, which was an invaluable opportunity for personal and professional growth for me.

Hawalul: My three-month internship at SPA

My heart is filled with immense gratitude to Allah SWT for bestowing upon me the wonderful opportunity to complete a three-month internship program with Somali Public Agenda (SPA). Alhamdulillah!

Farhia: Three Years at SPA

I started working at Somali Public Agenda (SPA) exactly three years ago today on 4 January 2021. It has been among the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me. Then, I was a fresh university graduate, and SPA was a small growing organization with high ambition and a small team. Everyone at SPA was playing multiple roles. I started working as a researcher and human resources officer. In the beginning, I spent most of my time in the

Arale: A personal reflection on my three-month internship at SPA

I am very happy to write this reflection blog post on my experience as an intern at Somali Public Agenda. This experience changed my life. The internship was offered to me, similar to my fellow interns by the SPA Centre for Learning and Development. SPA is where I had the opportunity to understand more about research.

Asma: Three incredible months at SPA

Asma: Three incredible months at SPA Somali Public Agenda February 1, 2023 Reflections From Our Team If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” Zig Ziglar I vividly remember the day I got the Somali Public Agenda internship acceptance message. […]

2022: Somali Public Agenda’s Year in Review

2022 was a very productive year for Somali Public Agenda (SPA). We published 15 papers, held a record 19 forums (including 6 Gaxwo & Gorfeyn meetups), produced 22 podcast episodes, trained 30 bloggers, engaged and talked to local and international media, trained 4 interns, and started working with like-minded institutions.