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Protecting stability and inclusivity in Somalia’s indirect election process

This briefing provides an overview of the current election model, including contentious political issues, and risks to the integrity and inclusivity of the process, as well as options for addressing both. It is intended to support Somalis come together in dialogue around the process, with the aim of increasing its inclusivity and credibility.

What Lessons can be Learned from Somalia’s 2016 Indirect Elections?

This brief analyses the implementation process of the 2016 indirect elections and concludes with policy considerations. These include: prohibiting candidates to handpick electoral delegates; providing the necessary logistical and accommodation support to the delegates on time; arranging a formal campaign schedule for voters and candidates; publishing the election schedule for each seat of the House of the People in advance; allowing the media and election observers to be present during the voting, and monitoring and reporting irregularities and fraudulent practices throughout the election process.