Data sharing and third-party monitoring in humanitarian response

This paper explores risks and mitigation efforts around data sharing for the humanitarian sector through a focus on the data sharing relationships involved in third-party monitoring. It provides insights into data sharing risks linked to the introduction of external, often private sector, organisations into the humanitarian ecosystem. It interrogates the nature and distribution of risk, data responsibility, and opportunities for mitigating risks and realising value through data sharing for the diverse stakeholders involved. The intention of this paper is to shed some light on a less-explored but important group of actors and processes of data sharing in the humanitarian sector. In doing so, it aims to highlight wider issues and propose recommendations that are applicable for the responsible sharing of data in the sector more generally.

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  1. Hello there, 
    It’s an interesting paper, and I appreciate your input.
    I’m Abdirahman Haji, and I have been working for TPM working agencies in Somalia since 2018, currently at Axiom ME as part time and Waafi Consulting as full time.
    You have pointed out so much context regarding data sharing and how important it is to be confidential! I found that you figured out how the TPM network works from the top to the field enumerators and data channeling, but I think you missed the contracting model between the TPM contract and the casual field enumerator regarding data and documentation policy.
    In general, the study worthy values and appreciates

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