Qamar: Reflection on my three years at SPA

Reflections From Our Team

On July 1, 2021, I began an incredible journey with the Somali Public Agenda (SPA), marking the start of a career that has been both challenging and deeply rewarding. Joining SPA was a fantastic moment for me, as I became the first person to hold the positions of cashier and logistics officer. With a background in procurement and supply chain management, I felt this role was a perfect fit for me, despite my initial feelings of uncertainty.

From the get-go, SPA provided me with many opportunities to grow and learn. During my first month, I participated in on-the-job training and a month-long blog writing training program. These experiences laid a strong foundation for my role and writing ability. Over the past three years, I benefited from training and earned five training certificates, each contributing to my professional development.

One month into my role, I began actively participating in organizing and monitoring a Training of Trainers (TOT) project. This involved note-taking and logistics management over two days. It was a hands-on experience that taught me the importance of detail and organization. Three months later, our team moved to a new office. I take great pride in how quickly I was able to play a key role in setting up all the SPA offices, a task that showcased my ability to manage logistics efficiently.

Working in logistics means handling a wide range of tasks and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. From organizing programs to managing visas and tickets, my role requires precision and reliability. These responsibilities have helped me develop a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to efficiency.

Over the past three years, I have acquired a diverse set of skills that have significantly contributed to my professional growth. I met many talented individuals and expanded my professional connections and network. Extensive training programs have boosted my job performance and confidence. Leading teams and working collaboratively with colleagues have enhanced my communication and teamwork abilities, enabling me to contribute effectively to the organization. Additionally, I have developed strong problem-solving skills, allowing me to address challenges quickly and efficiently. These experiences have not only reinforced my passion for procurement, supply chain management, and logistics but also prepared me for future success in my career.

My role and responsibilities were expanded as I am currently the SPA Procurement and Logistics Officer, which reflects my continued commitment to advancing within SPA and contributing to its mission and goals.

I am grateful to the Somali Public Agenda team for their unwavering support and for making me feel welcome from day one. Their encouragement and friendship have made my experience truly fulfilling. Thank you, SPA team, for being an integral part of my professional journey.

Reflecting on my three years at Somali Public Agenda, I am proud of my growth and accomplishments. This experience has not only improved my skills but also reinforced my passion for procurement, supply chain management, and logistics. I look forward to continuing this journey and contributing to the organization’s future success.

Thank you, Somali Public Agenda, for an incredible three years. 

Qamar Osman

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