Hinda: A personal reflection on my three-month internship at SPA

Hinda: A personal reflection on my three-month internship at SPA

On November 18, 2020, a WhatsApp message notification reached my phone through the Siraad Initiative group announcing the release of a female-only research training opportunity titled ‘Qualitative Research Training for Female Researchers’ by Somali Public Agenda. Even though I was in Hargeisa at the time, I didn’t hesitate to apply for the in person training as my travel to Mogadishu was already been scheduled and approaching.

After a few days, on December 8, 2020, I received an e-mail from SPA informing me that I was one of the 15 women selected to participate in the research training beginning the following week. Even though the program was only for a week, it was an incredible experience to be part of. I got the opportunity to meet and make new friends with great, ambitious, and industrious young women.

A week later, after the course was concluded, I met with Mahad Wasuge, the Executive Director of the SPA, at the organization’s office. I asked if SPA had any internship programs. He told me that they have an internship program, but there is an intern who is already working with SPA and two others waiting for the Internship. However, Mahad told me that he would let me know if there were any opportunities in the future. To cut a long story short, six months later, the SPA HR Officer Farhia Mohamud contacted me and shared with me the good news that I could start the internship soon.

It feels like only yesterday that I became a member of the Somali Public Agenda (SPA) family. On Sunday, October 3rd, I was greeted with warmth, kindness, and respect. I was treated as though I were a full-fledged employee, not just an intern. It was a privilege to be a part of this young, talented team with development-oriented mindsets.

During the internship, I was allowed to do a variety of tasks, including taking weekly SPA meeting minutes, supporting the Public Agenda Forum events, assisting the Admin and HR offices with their operational duties, managing the SPA library’s catalog and borrowing list, collecting data, participating in ongoing research projects, and performing any other duties that were required. Those numerous activities pushed me to enhance my writing and interpersonal skills regularly.

Aside from the internship duties and daily tasks, I was thrilled to learn something new every day. I’ve been working with incredibly talented people, and I know I wouldn’t have received nearly as much experience as I did if I’d been in a different organization where interns might not have the same hands-on opportunity as I had. This internship has provided me with much more practical experience than I previously anticipated. It has also allowed me to gain a better understanding of the differences between organizations and how they operate.

This chance enhanced my abilities and aided me in a variety of ways. It enabled me to gain a better understanding of external and internal communications, as well as office management and professionalism. In addition, the program was extremely relevant to my academic journey, professional development, and future job goals. It’s been a fantastic opportunity to engage with the work.

My internship at Somali Public Agenda taught me a lot about myself and gave me confidence in my talents. I learned about the research field in general. Along with the SPA team, I benefited from their capacity-building program. I finished my internship with a considerably larger skillset than when I started. The knowledge and guidance I have received on professional development will prepare me to enter the workforce in the real world with my head high with confidence. I got a lot more than I anticipated. It has gotten me closer to my objectives.

To summarize, being a member of the SPA family for 90 days was fantastic. I am overjoyed to express my gratitude to the entire SPA staff for their assistance and guidance throughout my internship. I want to express my gratitude to Hassan Guled (Sadik), who mentored me and provided me with invaluable counsel and advice, as well as Farhia Mohamud, who has always been there for me.

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  1. It’s amazing and elegant writing, in fact, I enjoyed during my reading process in this unpredictable written, therefore, I want to inspire my dear sister Ms. Hinda for your a good personal reflection, keep it up, moreover, SPA is one of best Institution that you can build your beyond career and bright future.

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