Hawalul: My three-month internship at SPA

Reflections From Our Team

My heart is filled with immense gratitude to Allah SWT for bestowing upon me the wonderful opportunity to complete a three-month internship program with Somali Public Agenda (SPA). Alhamdulillah! In this blog, I wish to express my profound thanks and share my reflections on the remarkable journey I undertook at SPA.

This experience has been more than just an internship; it has been a pivotal chapter in my career path, offering a profound journey of self-discovery that will forever be etched in my professional narrative.

The knowledge and competencies I have accumulated during this period are not only integral to my personal development but also crucial to my professional trajectory. The past three months have been a period of invaluable learning and growth; an experience that is challenging to encapsulate in mere words!

Allow me to take you through the key facets of my internship journey.

On my first day, Idil Omar, the HR officer at SPA, greeted me with exceptional warmth, providing an introduction to a team of energetic and dedicated individuals. Her detailed overview of the organization did not just acquaint me with the daily operations but also instilled a sense of camaraderie among colleagues who are united in their goals and collaborative spirit.

Bahja Ahmed, the research assistant at SPA and whom I succeeded the mantle of the intern position, proved to be more than just a mentor. She took considerable time to explain my responsibilities in detail, ranging from minute-taking in meetings to assisting with SPA forum preparations, and transcribing interviews for active research projects. Bahja’s guidance has been immensely beneficial. Her openness, patience, and detailed instructions, coupled with her readiness to address all my questions, have significantly contributed to my professional development. I am deeply thankful for her unwavering support and mentorship, which have profoundly influenced my career journey.

On the second day, I was thrilled to gain insights from the expertise of Sadia Maow from the finance department and Qamar Osman, the procurement officer. Their shared knowledge provided me with a deeper understanding of organizational processes, enriching my professional knowledge in the realms of procurement and financial management.

During my tenure at SPA, I was privileged to engage in a variety of tasks and activities, each imparting valuable skills and experiences in diverse areas. I participated in online courses, including a course on effective email writing, which introduced me to the SCRAP formula (Situation, Complication, Resolution, Action, and Politeness). This has been instrumental in crafting professional and coherent emails.

Furthermore, I enrolled in a writing course that enhanced my writing skills, propelling me on an exciting journey of becoming a proficient writer. Additionally, I completed a comprehensive training program on research methodologies offered by the SPA Center for Learning and Development, marking one of my significant accomplishments.

Overall, these courses have been more than educational pursuits; they have acted as catalysts for my personal and professional growth. As I continue to apply the skills acquired in my current role and future endeavors, I am confident that the foundation of continuous learning laid at SPA will be a lasting asset in my career progression.

In conclusion, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to every member of the SPA team for their unwavering support throughout my journey. Your encouragement and guidance have been pivotal in my success. I am immensely grateful for this transformative experience, which has significantly contributed to my growth and development. Thank you for being a crucial part of my journey.

Hawalul Abdirshid Jama

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