Unlocking My Potential: Three Months of Growth with SPA

Reflections From Our Team

Earlier this year, exactly the period between January and March, I had the chance to participate in SPA’s three-month internship program, which was an invaluable opportunity for personal and professional growth for me. During my internship, I undertook various tasks assigned by SPA, including taking meeting minutes, organizing the library catalog, and assisting the research team with data transcription and other delegated tasks.

Upon joining SPA, I was warmly welcomed by HR department officer, Idil Omar, who introduced me to the organization and took me on a tour of its different departments and staff as well. I spent the initial weeks closely engaged with the operations office and the Center for Learning and Development.

Throughout my internship, I completed three online courses on (i) Effective Email Writing; (ii) Research Methodology; and (iii) Writing with Flair. Taking the Effective Email Writing course improved my professional communication. Research Methodology taught me valuable research skills, and Writing with Flair enhanced my writing style. Overall, these courses were essential for my personal and professional growth. I also participated in a one-month Blog Writing training provided by SPA’s Center for Learning and Development, aimed at empowering young university graduates. I extend my gratitude to the Center for Learning and Development for facilitating these courses and for their continuous support.

Working alongside SPA’s research team on various projects, such as the aid accountability study and the transitional justice study provided me with invaluable insights. Engaging with the team allowed me to refine my research skills and receive mentorship. Additionally, I honed my writing abilities through tasks such as document writing, data transcription, and blog posts, all reviewed by mentors.

During my time at SPA, I learned a lot about teamwork, leadership, and how organizations are managed. Being part of SPA’s Public Agenda Forums helped me meet new people and get more involved in the organizational activities.

The skills and knowledge I gained during my internship with the Somali Public Agenda will be really helpful for my future career. Doing things like transcribing data, writing, and attending training sessions, as well as participating in Public Agenda Forums, helped me get better at practical skills that are important in different jobs.

Working with different teams and seeing how the organization works together also helped me better understand teamwork and leadership. These experiences made me feel more confident and prepared for my future career, wherever it may take me.

In conclusion, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Somali Public Agenda and its hardworking staff for the wonderful experience during my internship. Their guidance, support, and opportunities have been incredibly valuable in helping me grow professionally. I’m truly thankful for the chance to learn, contribute, and acquire new skills in such an inspiring organization. I appreciate every member of SPA for their dedication to promoting knowledge and making a positive difference, which has left a lasting impression on individuals and communities alike.

Abdirizak Farah Mohamed

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